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When you struggle with unwanted body hair, the constant shaving, waxing, and covering it up can feel like an uphill battle. Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is the premier provider of laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL. We specialize in body and facial hair removal services that are performed by our top-rated laser hair removal technicians. Our mission is to offer our clients the best laser hair removal available at prices that are accessible and affordable. Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is the leading provider of Hollywood laser hair removal.

With a one-of-a-kind oceanfront promenade and stunning beaches, it’s no wonder why so many people call Hollywood home. At Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic, we know that dealing with unwanted body hair is more than just an inconvenience. You want to look your best and feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, maybe even feel empowered to show some skin! With laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL, you can say goodbye to body and facial hair permanently. For us, our treatments are about more than hair removal; it’s about helping our customers gain confidence, boost their self-esteem, and love the way they look.

The most common concern when looking for laser hair removal near me is laser hair removal prices in Hollywood. Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is committed to delivering not only the best laser hair removal available but to make permanent hair removal affordable to as many Hollywood residents as we can. Because Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic isn’t a franchise or huge company, we can focus our resources on passing savings on to our customers. We are proud to offer the lowest-priced laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL. Our affordable and cheap laser hair removal is always performed by our experienced staff of Licensed Paramedical Aestheticians, CME, and Laser Technicians.

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At Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic we use state-of-the-art equipment that makes laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL, available to all skin types, colors, and conditions. Our expert technicians are highly trained and experienced, and our Candela laser has the capabilities to remove hair on anyone. If you have been searching for Hollywood facial hair removal near me, then look no further than the top-rated, most trusted name in facial hair removal in Hollywood, FL. Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is your local, leading provider of safe, effective, and affordable laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL.

The team of qualified technicians at Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is passionate about helping their clients reach their hair removal goals and achieve their best appearance. We are constantly working hard to offer competitive pricing and specials to ensure that laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL, is available to you. No matter what you may think you know about laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL, we can assure you that Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is raising the standard for hair removal and will exceed all of your expectations.

From consultation to execution, our professionalism, results, and commitment to excellence are unmatched in the area. We take the time to work with you, understand your goals, and put a plan in place to help you realize your dreams of unwanted hair removal. If you have ever wondered if laser hair removal in Hollywood, FL, is right for you, then it is time to call or visit the experts at Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic. Book your consultation today and discover the possibilities that are available for your hair removal. Make sure to ask our professionals about specialty pricing and available promotions to help make your laser hair removal more affordable and accessible!

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The Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal in Hollywood FL

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal.

A concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to stunt future growth. Lasers can remove the hair from anywhere on the body. The results, which differ from person to person, can last anywhere from several months to years.

Medical Professionals recommend patients stay out of the sun for up to six weeks before laser hair removal. Avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis. Shaving is OK, however, since it preserves the hair shaft and follicle. In fact, shaving is recommended so that the laser doesn’t target hair above the skin, potentially causing burns. has a great article that helps describe more of the benefits of the laser hair removal service.

The treatment time can vary considerably depending on the size of the area treated, and the particular technique used. A small area such as the upper lip may take only five minutes, while a larger area like the back or legs may take longer.

Laser hair removal will only work on hair actively growing. We recommend that it will take 4-6 treatments to effectively treat an area with our laser. You would return every 4-6 weeks depending on the area to treat the new active growth.

Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic is a company that focuses on one thing and one thing only – Laser Hair Removal. Unlike many other establishments that have 20 services they offer, our emphasis is to remove your hair and leave your skin flawless. Since our business is built off laser hair removal we had to purchase the best laser in the industry to provide the greatest results for our clients.

Our laser hair technician uses a Candela laser. Candela is the world’s best and most trusted laser on the market. It is known for producing the most advanced hair removal results, period. When it comes to lasers, none beat the Candela!

When it comes to laser hair removal, we can remove it all. Our Candela laser works on virtually every body part. This includes your underarms, chest, stomach, lower back, upper back, legs, arms, hands, side burns, bikini line, chin, lip, feet, face, neck, shoulder, butt, and ears.

Also ask about our Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal services!

Here is a breakdown of the different body parts by area:

Small Areas

* Navel
* Areola
* Basic bikini
* Feet
* Hands
* Chin
* Sideburns
* Upper lip
* Underarms
* Back of neck
* Front of neck

Medium Areas

* Shoulders
* Upper arms
* Forearms
* Upper back
* Lower back
* Full bikini front
* Lower legs
* Abdomen
* Upper legs
* Lip/Chin
* Upper Chest

Large Areas

* Full Chest (Upper Chest and Abdomen)
* Full arms
* Brazilian (back and front)
* Full back
* Full legs
* Full Face (upper lip, lower lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns, forehead, neck)

Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic has one goal, and that goal is to provide laser hair removal to as many patients as possible. Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic isn’t a franchise or huge company, our overhead is low. Since we have a low overhead we pass that savings on to our customers.

Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetic offers the lowest priced laser hair removal services around. Treatment costs vary depending on if a patient is getting a small, medium, or large area done. The number of sessions the patient is getting and if a package is purchased with more than one body part will also determine the cost.

We constantly offer promotions to ensure savings to our customers. This helps with our great customer satisfaction. Check out our positive reviews here!

Customers typically view laser hair removal as being a very expensive procedure. Palm Beach Laser & Aesthetics pricing proves that is not the case with our company.

For example we are currently offering all new patients a special on their underarms; 8 sessions for only $300 which equates to $37.50 per session.

It can take anywhere from 6 – 24 treatments to permanently remove hair, followed by 1 – 3 yearly maintenance sessions.

The first time patients receive laser hair removal it is common to be curious about how the procedure feels on the skin. Most people say it’s completely painless and feels at most like tiny pin pricks. Our Candela laser uses cryogen that ensures the patient will get a blast of cool air every pulse to keep the procedure painless. We provide a safe, simple and effective solution that quickly leaves you with noticeably smoother, stubble-free skin.

Typically after the treatment is done, the patient will not feel any pain.

For those who are more sensitive to pain, a numbing cream may be used.

Yes! Our Candela laser works on all skin types it doesn’t matter if your skin is tan, black, white etc. Our top of the line Candela laser has capabilities to remove hair on anyone.

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Leslie R.

Boynton Beach, FL

I love my laser hair removal results! My technicians was amazing and she explained everything before the procedure. I had a few questions and she made sure to answer everything so I had a great understanding. She’s the best!

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